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Jumping Rob in Paris, France 1994

The following are a collection of photos I took of Robert S. Gooblar, my photography professor who taught me in Ryerson's Photography Workshop in France in 1994, and then back in Toronto.

Rob passed away December 1997, he had a significant impact on all those that knew him and he will be forever missed. I remember Rob for his passion for photography and teaching, for caring about his students like that of a father, for the way he made us laugh, for his encouragement and optimism no matter what, and especially, for his love for life.

The photo above I think best represents my memory of Rob. Jumping for joy, Rob was one of the few people I've known that literally expressed it. It was contagious.

I have many more photos with him to scan still. Unfortunately, my most memorable moment has no picture. One late night in Arles, Rob commented to me how he wanted flowers on each table for breakfast in the morning. I said to him that one of the sights I've always wanted to see were the sunflowers that Van Gogh made Arles so famous for, I saw none in sight. So he said to me "do you want to go pick out some flowers?", in the middle of the night, he's crazy I thought. Foolishly I thought, I followed him to our rented van, and we drove off in blackness to some far away field. We stopped the van, got out, and lit only by moonlight were in a field of flowers. They weren't sunflowers, but flowers nonetheless, and in the morning everyone wondered where all the flowers came from!


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